..Busy Bee..

I have had such a productive morning/afternoon! I almost slept in but little Lily wasn't having it and I am so glad she got me up!

I have done so much laundry (including all my hand washed stuff!!), grocery shopped and cleaned! Now I am sitting here with an assortment of fruit, some jasmine green tea and a paper to write.

The book in the photo is a monograph on the small wars that America has fought over it's history, I really disliked it. It's also the subject for my paper and I'm absolutely arguing against the author's "lessons"...can't wait!

It's been a pretty quick week with a lot of stuff thrown into it. I recently came across some sound bites from cassettes that Tom Waits has been sending to Bob Dylan for his radio show, and I have to say the discovery has been my highlight of the month. I really enjoy clever men in their 70s apparently. Anyway, they're just clever little excerpts on subjects like birds, Jewish curses and prescription drugs...I can't get enough!
Something exciting, but a little ways away..! My good friend Erin asked me the other day if she could stay with me for Sound and Fury fest! I am SO excited to not only see her, but also that the venue is 4 minutes away from my home! I can't wait for that weekend and endless bike rides! Yay, for Santa Barbara and it's one fun thing to do!

Off to write, write and write!

Have a wonderful Day! xoxoxo


  1. holy shit! I need to find these sound bites you speak of! I love Tom Waits and Dylan too of course <3

    I'm crossing my fingers I'll run into you on Sunday if I come up to SB for the day! It'd be awesome to meet you!!

  2. Marisa give me your e-mail and I will send them to you! They truly will brighten your day! I hope to see you if you do end up in SB. I will be at Anthro from 3-close!<3

  3. marisa.gonzales@gmail.com :) ahh can't wait! thank you!!!

  4. rachelltaylor342@gmail.com Me too please! I adore Tom Waits.