Today was beautiful! Austin finally realized it was fall and decided to join the rest of the northern hemisphere. I was able to wear a cardigan..out of necessity! I used to be all about hot weather, but recently I have wanted fall crispness. Still no snow please, though!
I've felt an overall feeling of settling lately. I am finally comfortable in my surroundings and really starting to enjoy this new town of mine. I've discovered new places, food and friends! A newly opened bar, Gypsy has become a new favorite! They feature a delicious bourbon and coke slushy that I just can't get enough of! Especially when they add a little shot of grenadine...heaven...just heaven! Work has also been on the up and up. My only complaint would be how tempting everything in and expected to arrive in the store is! Fur collared jackets, over the knee boots and plaid dresses are calling my name! It takes a lot of self control to walk out empty handed, it ain't easy.
Another day brightener is the onset of the holidays! Halloween is already in the stores and I am stocking up on decorations and little prizes for trick or treaters. I don't know if I'll dress myself this year, but I love love love to see all the little ones decked out and rampaging! Simply can't wait!

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