.Everyone I Know is Looking for Love.

Whether you've had it once or never had it at all it seems that everyone is looking for the "one". The other night I was sitting with three other women and the first thing to be discussed in regards to finding someone was the "type". Could it really be love if you're not into someone who is blond, short or unattractive...or is that what love is? Is it really destiny or a chemical rush when we see someone who might help make pretty babies? Maybe it's a healthy compromise of both?
Clearly, I'm not sure about the whole thing. I am clear about the love I feel for family and friends, but everything else seems so...dangerous, unsure and risky. I am no stranger to going out on a limb, but I usually leave my heart safely behind until I am sure of my footing. I have been pretending for so long and I am not a "normal" girl who wants "normal" life things marriage, babies and true love, but here I am coming out of the dungeon...I want, I want, I want. I am uncomfortable with the idea of a biological clock, but something is ticking, I think I'll go with my biological bomb! One of the other important ticking sounds I'm hearing is my career...this may actually trump the love tick....a girl can only change so much!

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  1. yes love is a hard thing to find.i think you can fall in love with someone you'd never expect to.my ex was completely different from what my type had been before him.still fell in love and was engaged and everything.i am looking for the one right now but i think ill find him just like youll find your one and have a happy family

  2. I have the same thoughts about marriage and babies. I've always not wanted them, and still don't as far as I know, but there is that scary biological clock and the 'what if I do want it when its too late' feeling lurking these days.

    Just started reading, but actually relating immediately to a lot of your thoughts.