Sitting outside at my pool in Austin, Texas! It is really weird to finally be here after so much planning and waiting, but here I am and it is HOT. People here live inside or in some body of water for good reason! Being outside turns you into a melting mess of a person. I have spent most of my time so far registering my car and other life sort of things, but I have done some exploring! Barton Springs is so wonderful and it's strange to think something that looks like just a pool came up from the ground! After wards Chelsea and I savored some Lone Star beers and a Shangrita at Shangri-la. Each guy we happened to stand next to offered to buy us drinks or tell us some sort of story, they all seem to be under the impression that they are "southern gentlemen"...I will not complain. The one thing that will take some time to get used to is the freeway exits here. There are no numbers and barely any warning....just green signs that say "exit" with a silly little arrow, I cross my fingers each time I exit hoping I had chose wisely. It's all educated guessing while navigating here. Folks who have lived here for 10 or more years are still using their iphones to figure out where to go, not comforting! Other than that I like it here so far, I have a lot more exploring to do and I can't wait to see what else the Lone Star state has to offer!

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