.History Nerdoid.

I am so tired and a little bit sick, but trying to stay "perky". I've been nyquiled out for awhile and watching fun movies... and let me say Wayne's World and Zoolander are really great with shot of the green goodness. The Nyquil has also given me the best nights sleep I've gotten since the new roomies moved in. We have a GIGANTIC (67 inches of HD blast your face off madness) hdtv in our home thanks to my other room mate and watching movies on that thing is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, but watching it with the volume way up at 3:45 am while your roommate (who has school in the morn) is trying desperately to sleep...not so amazing. I asked if there was some sort of compromise, but apparently that is "imposing" on her schedule and when she really "enjoys" her time at home. So, now I'm sick and chugging the other "green fairy"all so she can blast Interview with a Vampire to her heart's content. Oops, so much for perky.

Other than that life is trucking along, I'm applying to Texas State this week and I am super nervous about it. Eeek.

Alright, I can't see all that straight anymore. Goodnight!


  1. well i wish your roomate wasnt blasting the volume so high thats not nice

  2. did u get your self a new octopus necklace?