I'm sure everyone has a habit they can't break and I hear the first step is to admit the problem exists. So, here I go....I shop. I LOVE new clothing just seeing it all lined up for me by color or style so neatly I just can't help but touch and purchase all I see! It makes me happy, what can I say? To put myself into a little perspective I've decided to take a picture of some of the stuff I just "had to have" in the past week or so, this isn't even all of it! It's ridiculous, I am a poor college student and my weakness is clear! Working retail does not help at all (especially when that job is at Anthropologie eek!)
Alright so here it is, some of my recent purchases they are a mess from Forever 21, Anthrolologie, Urban and Sephora! I just had the try the "Living Proof: Full Thickening Cream" from Sephora, has anyone used it?

I have been searching for the "perfect" red-orange lipstick for spring and I really love this one. "It Girl"- Sephora.

Finally to close this peek into my addiction, this little number is from Urban. I just bought it today and now I can't wait for Spring time!!

Yay! Happy shopping, blogland!


  1. very nice outfits. i have a weakness for shopping as well.

  2. just saw our new 60 list for march, and it's better than the last few!

    and that dress looks smashing on you pretty girl! <3

    p.s. i had to make myself leave my card at home when i work so i won't even have the chance to shop anthro anymore...it's put me in debt!

  3. I agree about the 60% of list, but we haven't received the "paisley" tank tops...so I haven't bought anything yet!
    Such a good idea about leaving the card home! I should do that too! <3

  4. oh man im addicted to sephora. its bad! but i dont have a job so i cant buy anything..