.Two Great Loves.

If I am ever down and out, feeling off my game and/or just plain bummed out there is always a cure! Something that picks me up and takes me away from reality for a few minutes. Bob Dylan. The man and the music. He began making music many decades ago and it still translates today. I can understand that people may not enjoy his actual singing voice, but when folks tell me they "don't like Bob Dylan" I can not continue to talk to them. I honestly do not understand what that means. His music is universal and his writing is/was groundbreaking. To go even further I have "A Hard Rains Gonna Fall" tattooed on my thigh! Any conversation that turns negative should just not be had with me! I have read every book he's written, watched every documentary and listened to every artist that influenced him that he has mentioned.I love it all! Lately I've been feeling just a little off and my home, car and Ipod have been playing me some Dylan on repeat, so I thought I'd share it here!

Some of my all time favorite Dylan songs (very, very edited down I could go on FOREVER).

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  1. i like bob dylan to.hes not one of my favorites but he is good

  2. Wow! I thought I liked Bob Dylan...
    Until reading this! You're a true fan...
    I admire that...
    We like the same songs...
    Kisses! ;)